Listen to Samantha Crain’s ‘Joey’ from Reservation Dogs, Season 1, Episode 1

The new FX on Hulu comedy drama series Reservation Dogs features a slew of cool songs, including Choctaw singer and musician Samantha Crain’s ‘Joey‘, which showed up on Reservation Dogs, Season 1, Episode 1, “F*ckin’ Rez Dogs” this week.

The song was played during Daniel’s ceremony.

Samantha Crain’s sweet and mellow ‘Joey‘ is from the prolific singer songwriter’s most recent studio album A Small Death — an album that was released in 2020 via Ramseur Records, and is the singer’s eighth album or EP.

Interestingly, and somewhat sadly, A Small Death was written by Crain after she was involved in three car accidents in three months.

The accidents left the Oklahoma native in incredible pain, and unable to perform.

But, instead of turning inwards and feeling sorry for herself and her lot in life, she wrote songs about her experience that then became the focus of A Small Death.

That’s how you should deal with adversity, eh?

Listen to Samantha Crain’s ‘Joey‘ as heard on Reservation Dogs in the video and on her latest album.

You can learn more about the indie musician on her official website.

Reservation Dogs is currently airing on FX on Hulu, and tells the story of a group of indigenous teenagers in Crain’s home state of Oklahoma whose goal is to steal enough and save enough so they can afford to head to California.

In other words, her music was a superb choice for this excellent new series.


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