Listen to Samuel Jack’s ‘Gonna Be Alright’ from The Rookie, Season 3, Episode 5, “Lockdown”

British indie singer songwriter Samuel Jack’s ‘Gonna Be Alright‘ was played on The Rookie last night — The Rookie, Season 3, Episode 5, “Lockdown” (the episode aired on February 14th, 2021).

The hopeful song was heard as Nolan and Harper catch up, and as Nolan tells Harper he can’t be a detective but he may be a TO. Harper then tells him he will need a degree.

The soul/gospel-infused track is from Jack’s EP Empty Pockets Crowded Heart, Vol. 1, which was released via the Landon Records label in 2020.

The song also came with an official music video with the singer walking around deserted landscapes, all shot in various hues of blue, convincing himself he’s “gonna be alright”.

The beautifully written and sung ‘Gonna Be Alright’ is not the first music Samuel Jack has had licensed for a hit TV shows either.

In fact, his music has been popular with music supervisors from shows as popular and diverse as Shameless, Walker, Black Ink Crew: Chicago and Pearson.

No wonder really as his songs are powerful.

Something Jack himself knows, and explains this way on his own website:



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