Listen to Sara Bareilles’ ‘She Used To Be Mine’ Because Most of Us Wish We Were Somewhere Else — Repeat Rotation Video


A friend sent me a link to this song last night. A song written by the amazing Sara Bareilles. A singer songwriter who always seems to hit the right combination of words and music to just grab your heart. Just as she does here with ‘She Used To Be Mine‘. A song that has become my Repeat Rotation Video today.

She Used To Be Mine‘ is from Sara Bareilles’ fourth studio album What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress, which was released last year, and is an album of songs from a musical Bareilles wrote.

And ‘She Used To Be Mine‘ became my Repeat Rotation Video today because I think it expresses what all we women sometimes think and feel.

That, when we were children, we had such promise and then, through a combination of mistakes we made or things that happened to us, we didn’t ever get to where we thought we would be. And now we wish we could go back and re-write part of our lives. Making them better and us stronger.

Listen to Sara Bareilles ‘She Used To Be Mine‘ in the video below for your Repeat Rotation Video today. It’s such a beautiful song.

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