Listen to Scott Walker’s ‘The Old Man’s Back Again’ from Sympathy for the Devil opening scenes

American/British pop rock singer songwriter Scott Walker’s ‘The Old Man’s Back Again‘ was that song playing during the opening scenes of the new psychological thriller Sympathy for the Devil.

The track played as The Driver (Joel Kinnaman) is driving through Las Vegas to the hospital where his wife is giving birth.

Scott Walker’s ‘The Old Man’s Back Again‘ (full title ‘The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated To the Neo-Stalinist Regime) ) was first released as the B-side of his single ‘The Seventh Seal‘ back in 1970.

The song also came out as one of the tracks from his fifth solo album Scott 4, which was the first album the musician released that was made up solely of songs he had written himself.

Interestingly, Scott 4 was one of his few albums not to chart.

It has since been thought that was primarily due to the album not being released under his artist name but under his birth name Scott Engel, although in later years critics called it one of Walker’s best albums.

With its lyrics about the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, ‘The Old Man’s Back Again‘ was the first song Walker wrote and released with a political theme.

But not his last.

Listen to Scott Walker’s ‘The Old Man’s Back Again‘ as played on the Sympathy for the Devil soundtrack in the video, and via his Scott 4 album.


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