Listen to Sheryl Crow’s ‘Halfway There’ from NCIS: New Orleans — It’s Back To Her Roots Pop, Yay!

Sheryl Crow's 'Halfway There' from NCIS: New Orleans

Sheryl Crow’s ‘Halfway There‘ from NCIS: New Orleans goes back to her pop roots — yay!!

Sheryl Crow’s ‘Halfway There‘ from NCIS: New Orleans is a new single from her upcoming 10th album Be Myself (NCIS: New Orleans — Season 3, Episode 21, “Krewe”).

The track was heard when Dwayne arrived at the charity, but not just heard as we got got to see Sheryl Crow on stage performing the song live as well. And what a nice promotional piece that was for Crow’s new album.

Halfway There‘ is also a song that is probably going to get a lot of attention from long-time old school Crow fans, as it is much more like her older pop work than the country-style songs she has been releasing in the last few years. And, I don’t know about you, but I like that better.

Crow’s voice also showed back up at the end of the NCIS: New Orleans episode “Krewe” when the NCIS team find Emma dead behind the fountain. This time she is singing ‘Our Love Is Fading‘, from her 2010 country music album 100 Miles From Memphis.

Sheryl Crow’s newest album Be Myself is due for release on Friday, April 21st.

As for Crow, she is planning what she calls a “huge tour” to promote the album so, if you’re a Crow fan (and who isn’t?), get your money ready.

In the meantime, listen to Sheryl Crow’s ‘Halfway There‘ from NCIS: New Orleans in her official video (the animated one) below. Now doesn’t that just add something even more cool?


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