Listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Heart’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Heart‘ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy

Remember I was saying last week how many songs Sleeping At Last has had featured on ‘Grey’s Anatomy? Probably more than just about any other artist, and more are still being added all the time.

And this week, you can add one more song to that long list of songs on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, as Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Heart‘ was featured on the show on March 30th — Season 13, Episode 18, “Be Still, My Soul“.

It was the track heard when Meredith was arguing with Jackson, Maggie goes to see her mother who is having chemotherapy and Meredith and Nathan talk about dating.

And, while you can listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Heart’ in the video below, can I just register my displeasure that he doesn’t upload more videos of his songs to his YouTube channel.

Because, when he doesn’t, if I want to showcase one of his beautiful tracks on Leo Sigh, I have to embed a video from another channel.

A channel that is not giving him any video views or, in all likelihood, any money. And that is sad.

So come on Ryan, (aka Sleeping At Last), please upload more of your music to your own channel. Even if it is just an audio video. Because you would benefit from it, and so would we.

As for other Sleeping At Last songs on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘? There are a boatload of incredibly pretty ones, but do check out these:

Sleeping At Last’s ‘Anger

As Long As You Love Me‘ is gorgeous

And then there is ‘You Wouldn’t Like Me

And, of course, you can buy Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Heart‘ on all major music sites.

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