Listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Three’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 “Caught Somewhere in Time”

Listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Three‘ from Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

Sleeping At Last, aka Ryan O’Neal, is probably the most featured singer songwriter on the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy, having had a slew of his songs played on the show in the last couple of years.

That’s why, when Sleeping At Last’s latest featured song on the popular medical drama showed up this week when his ‘Atlas: Three’ was played on the newest episode — Season 14, Episode 16, “Caught Somewhere In Time” (March 22nd, 2018) — I wasn’t remotely surprised.

The song was heard at the close of the episode during the montage when Arizona tells Noah’s mother about his diagnosis, April is in the storage room crying, and later on as Arizona tucks Sophia in for the night.

Atlas: Three‘ is one of the latest singles from Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas collection’. A collection of EPs that began with Atlas: Darkness in 2013 and has continued with an enormous number of new EPs released after that from this prolific Illinois-based independent singer songwriter.

You can check out his entire discography list on Wikipedia to see just how much music he writes. It’s pretty amazing.

Meanwhile, listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Atlas: Three‘ in the spotify widget below. As is usual with O’Neal, it is haunting and beautiful.

As the singer himself pointed out on his Instagram page yesterday, it is also another popular song from Grey’s Anatomy as it has already hit the number one spot on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart since it was heard on Thursday night. Good for him!

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