Listen to Sleeping at Last’s ‘Awake (Acoustic)’ from Grey’s Anatomy, Season 18, Ep. 10

American indie singer songwriter Sleeping at Last had more of his superb music featured on Grey’s Anatomy this week — Grey’s Anatomy, Season 18, Episode 10, “Living in a House Divided“.

The song was played during the ending montage on the episode as Meredith is talking to Nick in the parking lot, and as Teddy goes to the car and sees the life-ending drugs, so learns what Owen was hiding.

The song is one of many Sleeping at Last has had played on Grey’s Anatomy over the last few years, as he has been one of that show’s music supervisors’ most-liked artists.

This week, it was Sleeping at Last’s ‘Awake (Acoustic)‘ that showed up on the show. A somber track that was released in October, 2021 as one of the singer’s many singles.

Sleeping at Last, by the way, is Ryan O’Neal and is an astoundingly prolific singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

In the last couple of decades, O’Neal has recorded and released 18 studio albums and compilations, 27 EPs and an enormous number of singles, with new releases often coming out monthly.

All of what he creates is self-released and often melancholic, but that has not stopped him from amassing a huge fan following.

Or from having a ridiculous number of his songs licensed for play on some of America’s biggest TV shows, including many on Grey’s Anatomy¬†over the last decade.

Listen to one of them — Sleeping at Last’s ‘Awake (Acoustic)‘ — from this week’s Grey’s Anatomy below.

You can learn more about Sleeping at Last, and his music, on his official website. and, of course, listen to many of the other songs he has had played on Grey’s Anatomy on Leo Sigh.


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