Listen To Sleeping At Last’s ‘Son’ From ‘Jane The Virgin’, Touching and Sweet

my song “son” can be heard on tonight’s episode of “Jane the Virgin” on the CW, 9/8c! keep an ear out!!

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Listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘Son‘ featured on ‘Jane The Virgin

My favorite American singer songwriter Sleeping At Last’s song ‘Son‘ is going to be featured on ‘Jane The Virgin‘ tonight. And so I’m going to get the jump on it, and give you a heads up about the song and where you can listen to it. Because it is one of the most touchingly beautiful things.

And, if you want an idea of how this brilliant man‘s mind works when he starts to write one of his many beautiful songs, read a piece¬†Sleeping At Last wrote¬†about what it was like coming up with the concept of ‘Son‘, how personal the song is for him and how, in some respects, it ended up as almost a prayer. Being as it turned out to be a song about trying to find himself.

But what’s even more interesting is to find out he also included references in the song to 10 men he feels have been mentors to him, as a way to honor them for their kindness.

As for the sound of Sleeping At Last’s ‘Son‘, while the song itself is already gorgeous, don’t miss listening to what’s underneath his heart-wrenching, ethereal vocals as well, as those French horns are lovely.

Listen to it below, and hear it on ‘Jane The Virgin‘ tonight at 9/8c.


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