Listen to Slightly Stoopid’s ‘Bandelero’ from 9-1-1, Season 4, Episode 13

Photo by Jack Zeman — FOX 2021

American psychedelic rock, reggae rock, punk rock band Slightly Stoopid’s ‘Bandelero‘ was that incredibly cool reggae-style song that played on the newest episode of 9-1-1 this week — 9-1-1, Season 4, Episode 13, “Suspicion” (aired on May 17th, 2021).

The song was playing in the background as Toni is at the fresh food market shopping.

Slightly Stoopid’s ‘Bandelero‘ is from the band’s fourth studio album Closer to the Sun, which was released in 2005 via Reincarnate Music.

An album that was quite successful for the San Diego-based band as it peaked at #121 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Slightly Stoopid is one of the most successful and most long-lived American rock bands having been founded in 1994, and still actively recording and releasing music today.

In the more than a quarter of a century of Slightly Stoopid’s existence, the band has released thirteen albums, including four live albums, an EP and an enormous number of singles.

Their last full-length release was the 2018 album Everyday Life, Everyday People.

That album arrived in mid-2018, with two singles from the album coming out last year.

The indie band also has a Summer Traditions 2021 concert tour planned for later this year with tour mates Pepper, Common Kings, and Don Carlos.

Listen to Slightly Stoopid’s upbeat and fun ‘Bandelero‘ as heard on 9-1-1 on the band’s Closer to the Sun album, and on the video down below.


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