Listen to Snow Patrol’s ‘Make This Go On Forever’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14,

Listen to Snow Patrol’s ‘Make This Go On Forever‘ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy

The Northern Irish/Scottish alternative rock band Snow Patrol song ‘Make This Go On Forever‘ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy this week. For the second time. Because, apparently, this is a track Grey’s Anatomy Music Supervisors like. A lot.

The first time Grey’s Anatomy Music Supervisors chose ‘Make This Go On Forever’ was way back in Season 3 of the smash hit medical drama series in 2006.

This week, the track showed up again in Season 14, Episode 23,titled “Cold As Ice“, and was played as Arizona admits Matt and April have been dating, Meredith tells Alex how blessed she feels having had the time she did with Derek, and everyone waits for April to wake up.

Make This Go On Forever‘ is from Snow Patrol’s fourth studio album Eyes Open.  An album that was both critically and commercially acclaimed, and one that was the number one best-selling album of the year in the UK.

It was helped along to its number one spot when Music Supervisors of Grey’s Anatomy also used the song ‘Chasing Cars‘ for the finale of Season 2 of the series, and again as ‘Open Your Eyes‘ was also used in series 3 of the medical drama.

Six singles were ultimately released from the hit album, and interestingly ‘Make This Go On Forever‘ was not one of them. It did, however, catch the ear of the folks at Grey’s Anatomy.

Listen to the Snow Patrol song ‘Make This Go On Forever‘ in the Spotify widget below. And, of course, expect it to show up on Grey’s Anatomy somewhere down the road, or on another TV series, as it is one of those songs that perfectly fits that genre.

You can also listen to the entire Eyes Open album in the widget below that.

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