Listen to Some Velvet Morning’s ‘How to Start a Revolution’ from Riverdale, Season 5, Ep. 16

British indie rock band Some Velvet Morning’s ‘How to Start a Revolution‘ was played on the crime drama Riverdale this week — Riverdale, Season 5, Episode 16, “Chapter Ninety-Two: Band of Brothers” — a show that aired on September 16th, 2021.

The banging rock song was heard during the scene at the auction for the doubloons, when Veronica ignores her father bidding.

Some Velvet Morning’s ‘How to Start a Revolution‘ was first released on the London-based band’s sophomore studio album Allies.

Allies came out via the European crowdfunding platform My Major Label in April, 2012.

But the song was given a huge amount of attention when it appeared in the trailer for the black comedy superhero movie Kick-Ass.

The track appeared again in the movie Kat and the Band, a movie with a soundtrack written by the band.

Some Velvet Morning comprises lead singer and guitarist Desmond Lambert, drummer Rob Flanagan and bassist and vocalist Gavin Lambert.

The British rock band has been in existence since 2000, with four albums currently released in the last couple of decades. Their latest being their 2021 offering Rough Seas.

Listen to Some Velvet Morning’s ‘How to Start a Revolution‘ as heard on last night’s Riverdale on the band’s Allies album, and in the video down below.

You can learn more about the British band on its official website.



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