Spectrum’s ‘I’ll Be Gone’ heard on Boy Swallows Universe Ep 3 as Eli and Gus head out on bikes

Aussie indie rock band Spectrum’s ‘I’ll Be Gone‘ was that long song playing on Boy Swallows Universe, Episode 3, “Run Boy Run” as Eli and Gus get their bikes and head out to see Slim.

It continues playing while scenes of Frances in jail and Robert waking up with a hangover are interspersed with those of the boys.Boy Swallows Universe

The song is one of many bangin’ songs from the 1970s played on the ¬†soundtrack, and with lyrics that are incredibly appropriate for the scenes they musically illustrate.

Lyrics, in this case, that are repetitive throughout the song, but that describe just how Eli and Gus must be feeling inside:

Someday I’ll have money
Money isn’t easy come by
By the time it’s come by I’ll be gone
I’ll sing my song and I’ll be gone

Spectrum’s ‘I’ll Be Gone‘ was a #1 hit

I’ll Be Gone‘ was released by the Australian progressive rock band in January, 1971 as their debut single.

It became the only #1 hit the band ever had, even though Spectrum released four more singles between then and late 1973.

Nowadays, it is known as the indie band’s signature song.

Not bad, though, for a band that only released a handful of singles in the early 1970s and still had their debut single recently end up on the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) list as one of the best Aussie singles ever released.

Listen to Spectrum’s ‘I’ll Be Gone‘ as heard on the superb family drama Boy Swallows Universe in the music video, and via the band’s 1971 Part One album.

Boy Swallows Universe is currently streaming on Netflix, and has been a trending show on the streaming platform since its release on January 11th.


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