Listen to Spoon’s ‘Got Nuffin’ From House M.D. — It’s Bitchin’

transference spoon cover art

I am currently glued to Netflix at just about any time that I’m not working, watching everything I can lay my hands on. My latest addiction?

Every season of House M.D. — but especially Season 7, Episode 23 “Moving On” today, because indie rock band Spoon’s ‘Got Nuffin‘ was featured during the episode’s closing scenes, and the beat in that song is awesome.

Spoon’s ‘Got Nuffin‘ was released in 2009, and currently comes on a mini EP with two B-sides — ‘Tweakers’ and ‘Stroke Their Brains‘, and on the band’s seventh album Transference.

As for Spoon, they are from Austin, Texas, and were founded in 1993, so they’ve been around for a couple of decades. They currently have eight studio albums out, with their latest — They Want My Soul — being released in 2014.

Now, if you loved the closing scenes of that House M.D. episode as much as I did, here is Spoon with ‘Got Nuffin‘. Bitchin’, eh?

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