Listen to Stereophonics ‘Into The World’ from ‘Pure Genius’ — Gorgeous Guitar Riff, Beautiful Vocals


The Stereophonics track ‘Into The World‘ was featured on ‘Pure Genius‘ a couple of weeks ago — Season 1, Episode 8, “Around The World in Eight Kidneys” and it’s been replaying in my head ever since. The song was played when Walter and Zoe gave Constance an artificial kidney transplant.

Into The World‘ is from Stereophonics’ album Keep The Village Alive, and it’s a melancholy song with a pretty guitar riff. But it’s lead singer Kelly Jones’ vocals here that really grab you, as they are beautiful and quite mesmerizing.

As for Stereophonics, they are a Welsh rock band that have been in existence for 25 years. During that time, they have released nine albums, the last one, Keep The Village Alive, appearing in 2015.

Listen to ‘Into The World‘ in the video below. It’s so pretty.

You can grab Keep The Village Alive on most major music sites.

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