Listen to Styx’ ‘Renegade’ from The Mysterious Benedict Society, Season 2, Ep. 8 – still a helluva guitar solo

American progressive rock band Styx’s ‘Renegade‘ was that cool song played on the soundtrack of The Mysterious Benedict Society last night, as the society is getting the defenses ready before the Gray men arrive.

Styx’s ‘Renegade‘ was the third single from the rock band’s eighth studio album Pieces of Eight.

That album came out in September, 1978, and was another big success for the band who, at that point, had already released eight albums just six years after getting together.

Pieces of Eight charted at #6 in the U.S. on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as charting in Sweden, the Netherlands and Australia, and went on to be certified 3x Platinum in the United States.

Renegade‘ was also one of Styx biggest hit singles, and tells the story of an outlaw who is finally caught, and knows that he is now about to hang.

The song became a staple at Styx concerts, to the extent that it is still often played to close out the concert.

The band itself was founded in 1972 and, other than a few years of breaking up, is still together today although guitarist James “J.Y.” Young is the only continuous original member.

Young also plays that helluva guitar solo on ‘Renegade‘.

Listen to Styx’s ‘Renegade‘ as heard on The Mysterious Benedict Society on the band’s Pieces of Eight album, and in the video.

There is also a live performance the band gave of the track in New Orleans in 1983 worth a watch below.

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