Listen to Subwoolfer & A1’s ‘I Think I Killed Rudolph’ from There’s Something in the Barn end credits

The strange, not particularly scary but often quite funny Finnish-Norwegian film There’s Something in the Barn is now available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services.


It is a “Christmas comedy horror” film featuring a killer of the elf variety that, while not on a par with Krampus, is still a perfectly entertaining film for the holidays.

Even if it does have a lot of gore.

The movie even features a killer Christmas soundtrack (sorry!), with more than a dozen cool songs on its soundtrack.

Including that second ending credits song — Subwoolfer & A1’s ‘I Think I Killed Rudolph‘ — a sweet-sounding song that belies its tragic message.

When was Subwoolfer & A1’s ‘I Think I Killed Rudolph‘ released?

The song was released by the pop duo Subwoolfer in collab with Norwegian boy band A1 on the Universal Music label as a non-album single especially for the There’s Something in the Barn soundtrack.

The track came out on November 10th.

It is a song that is in typical tongue-in-cheek Subwoolfer style, considering they were also the duo that represented Norway in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with their equally strange but equally fun song ‘Give That Wolf a Banana‘.

I Think I Killed Rudolph‘ is also one of those songs that you hear it once and, before you know it, it’s on replay in your head and then on Spotify.

Not only for its catchy melody, but also for those killer vocals. (sorry! Again! But it is true).

Subwoolfer by the way, started out their existence in the world of pop music with a mystery as, yes, they were the Norway act at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.

But, due to both singers wearing yellow wolf heads and gloves, nobody knew the pair’s real identities for a year.

That was revealed this year during the Melodi Grand Prix, the annual music competition that chooses Norway’s representative for that year’s Eurovision Song Contest, when the pair took off their masks to reveal their identities.

Yes, as many had already guessed, Subwoolfer comprises British singer Ben Adams, a member of the Norwegian-British boy band A1, and Gaute Ormåsen, a singer who was the runner up in the Norwegian talent show Idol.

Listen to Subwoolfer and A1’s ‘I Think I Killed Rudolph‘ on Spotify and in the song’s official music video, which has the boys back in their wolf masks, with the rest of the guys from A1 riding in the back seat.

Just be warned, you will still be humming the darned thing hours later!