Listen to Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Chicago’ from Tell Me Lies, Season 1, Episode 8

Indie folk, rock singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Chicago (Demo)‘ was played on the Tell Me Lies soundtrack last night — Tell Me Lies, Season 1, Episode 8, “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion“.

The song was written and released by Stevens in five different versions, with his ‘Chicago (Demo)‘ version, which was recorded in 2004, first released on his website as a digital download.

The track was then later included as a 12″ single when he released his Illinois: Special 10th Anniversary Blue Marvel Edition album in 2016.

Meanwhile, the original version of ‘Chicago‘ was released by the indie artist on his Illinois album way back in 2005, via his Asthmatic Kitty record label.

Fans of Sufjan Stevens then will have immediately recognized the song, which begins with a massive guitar intro and features a catchy melody, when it began playing on Tell Me Lies.

After all, it is a popular song that Stevens often plays it during his live concerts.

Listen to Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Chicago (Demo)‘ in the video.

You can also hear it on the single version on the Spotify player down below.

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