Listen to Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Death With Dignity’ from ‘This Is Us’, Stunningly Beautiful — Repeat Rotation Video


The Sufjan Stevens‘ song ‘Death With Dignity‘ was featured on the NBC TV series ‘This Is Us‘ back in September, and I have had it on repeat play many times since as it is one of the most beautiful things.

Soft, mellow and sad, with the prettiest guitar, to me it is also quite hopeful as well.

So, today, when I looked out of my Vienna kitchen window early this Sunday morning and saw the snow softly and quietly falling, it made me think today would be a good day to play Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Death With Dignity‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video. It is just that kind of day.

Death With Dignity‘ is the opening track to Sufjan’s gorgeous seventh studio album Carrie & Lowell which, if you love this song, I highly recommend you buy.

So good is it, it appeared on many critics lists as one of the best albums of 2015. And, yes, it is stunningly beautiful.

Now listen to ‘Death With Dignity‘ as your Repeat Rotation Video today. I guarantee, it is just so gorgeous, even if it seems sad it will make you feel happy.

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