Listen to Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Only At Christmas Time’ from ‘This Is Us’


Singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens’ song ‘Only At Christmas Time‘ was featured on ‘This Is Us‘ this week — Season 1, Episode 10, “Last Christmas“. The song was heard when everyone is opening their gifts.

Only At Christmas Time‘ was released in 2006, and is from his holiday album Songs For Christmas, a box set of five EPs.

And it is an interesting release as it initially started out as just one EP Sufjan Stevens created to give to family and friends at Christmas.

After several years of doing this, however, he had enough Christmas music for an entire box set, and this is the result. An album of holiday music that is so different from the usual junk pop we get around the holiday season.

Listen to Sufjan Steven’s ‘Only At Christmas Time‘ in the video below. You can buy his five-EP box set on most major music sites in digital form and on CD.

You should, as it is incredibly pretty.

Michelle Topham