Listen to Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream’ from The Woman in the Wall, Ep 4 ending scene and end credits

The American electro-punk duo Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream‘ is the song playing at the end of The Woman in the Wall, Episode 4, “The Cruelty Man” this week.

The track begins to play as Akande is driving to Lorna’s house, and as he arrives and hands her his own death certificate to which she asks “But you’re alive. Aren’t you?”

Lorna then compares it to her child’s death certificate, sees the same handwriting, and begins to laugh hysterically.

After all, doesn’t that mean her own child could be alive too?

Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream‘ then plays over the episode’s end credits.

When was Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream‘ released?

The track was written by the Suicide duo (aka Martin RevĀ andĀ Alan Vega), and produced by the now-iconic American singer songwriter and musician Ric Ocasek.

It was first released as a single in 1979 via the Island record label, and then came out again in 1999 on the duo’s The Second Album + The First Rehearsal Tapes release.

The track has since been named by several music critics as one of the best singles/songs of all time.

So liked was the somber track, musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Neneh Cherry and the British rock band Savages have also released their own covers of it.

Listen to Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream‘ as heard at the end of this week’s episode of The Woman in the Wall in the video of the remastered version of the track below.

You can also hear it via the the electro-punk duo’s The Second Album +The First Rehearsal Tapes release on the Spotify player down there as well.

The Woman in the Wall is currently airing on BBC One in the UK, with Showtime airing it in North America soon.


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