Listen to ‘Superstar’ from Ted Lasso, S03 E03 as Zava scores major goal and shows off to fans

British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and English singer and actor Murray Head’s music made an appearance on today’s episode of Ted Lasso, when the song ‘Superstar‘ (feat. The Trinidad Singers) was played as Zava scores the goal the team has all been waiting for.

It then gives the superstar footballer accompaniment as he climbs the stand’s barrier and shows off for the fans.

Come on, you couldn’t have picked a better song for that cool moment if you tried, eh?

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Murray Head’s ‘Superstar‘, of course, is from the iconic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

That opera was composed by Lloyd Weber and his writing partner Tim Rice and released in 1970 as an album.

The album was such a huge hit, it went on to be the musical Lloyd Webber and Rice had originally envisaged, but couldn’t secure funding to put on before the album’s success.

Once the musical also became massively popular, the album was then adapted into a full-length hit movie.

Listen to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Murray Head’s ‘Superstar‘ as played on Ted Lasso today as football superstar Zava’s theme song on the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack album, and in the music video.

Season 3 of the popular football-themed comedy drama Ted Lasso is now airing on Apple TV+.


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