Listen to Suzi Quatro’s The Wild One from Girlboss, It’s Perfect for the Show (Video)

Suzi Quatro's The Wild One is perfect for the soundtrack of Girlboss

Suzi Quatro’s The Wild One is perfect for Girlboss

Suzi Quatro’s The Wild One was featured on Girlboss this week, the just released original Netflix series loosely based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s rise to success in the clothing industry. The song was heard during the opening scenes of episode one — “Sophia” — when Sophia is driving her car up a hill in San Francisco and singing along.

And Suzi Quatro’s The Wild One is actually an interesting choice for the Girlboss soundtrack, as the series itself is all about empowerment. How Sophia Amoruso empowered herself to go from a young woman who was not only stealing from people, but basically wasting her life, to becoming one of the most successful and richest women in America.

All by starting a vintage clothing business on eBay.

And interesting, I say, because Quatro was also a woman who fought her way to the top — to become the first female bass player to really hit the big time, and eventually a major rock star.

Since her rise to fame in the 1970s, the now-66-year-old Quatro has recorded 15 studio albums, 10 compilation albums and one live album, selling over 50 million albums in total.

About all of that, Quatro had this to say,

Before I did what I did, we didn’t have a place in rock ‘n’ roll. Not really. You had your Grace Slicks and all that, but that’s not what I did. I was the first to be taken seriously as a female rock ‘n’ roll musician and singer. That hadn’t been done before. I played the boys at their own game. For everybody that came afterward, it was a little bit easier, which is good. I’m proud of that.”

As for Sophia Amoruso and Nasty Gal, she has become one of the richest women in America while being CEO of her own company. Her story is a bit different than Quatro’s, however, as not only did Nasty Gal declare bankruptcy late last year, but Amoruso is said to be one truly awful person as well.

So, no, I won’t be watching Netlix’s Nasty Gal, as I don’t believe in giving any kind of validation to a woman like that. But, I will admit, the show does have good music.

Listen to Suzi Quatro’s The Wild One in the video below to see what I mean. It’s cool.

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