Listen to Sweet Spirit’s ‘Touch’ from Hawkeye, Season 1, Episode 3

Austin, Texas-based indie rock band Sweet Spirit’s ‘Touch‘ was played on the new superhero series Hawkeye last night — Hawkeye, Season 1, Episode 3, “Echoes“.

The catchy track was heard in the scene where it is obvious Maya has some stellar skills.

Especially as she can so easily copy other people’s movements.

Sweet Spirit’s ‘Touch‘ was released as a single in 2018 via Nine Mile Records, and then re-released by the indie band in 2019 on their self-titled four-track EP.

The song arrived with a very cool ‘dance’ video featuring six former presidents dancing to the banging track — well, six dancers wearing presidential masks à la Pointe Break.

It’s no wonder then that the indie band grabbed the attention of the Hawkeye music supervisor, as that video is genius.

The six-episode Hawkeye is based on Marvel Comics characters, and is currently airing on Disney+.

Learn more about the band on their official website and, of course, listen to Sweet Spirit’s ‘Touch‘ as heard on last night’s Hawkeye in that the song’s awesome music video, and on the band’s EP.

You can also hear more of Sweet Spirit’s songs on the soundtracks of popular show’s like Dickinson, Good Trouble and Catfish: The TV Show.


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