Listen to SYML’s ‘Where’s My Love’ From ‘The Originals’ — Sad and Heart-Wrenching But Lovely (Video)

SYML Where's My Love cover art

SYML’s gorgeous song ‘Where’s My Love‘ was featured on ‘The Originals‘ on Friday night (May 6th, Season 3, Episode 20 — “Where Nothing Stays Buried”), and is the latest example of TV soundtrack music from ‘The Originals that I just love.

The debut track was released in January, and it begins with an extended, simple and heart-wrenching piano and strings introduction, eventually joined by SYML’s sweet, sad, ethereal vocals. Such a beautiful and emotional song.

As for SYML, he, because, yes, he is a he, is Brian Fennell, the founding member of the Seattle-based indie rock band Barcelona.

SYML is a new project for him but, from the attention ‘Where’s My Love‘ has been getting since its release (it was also featured on ‘Teen Wolf’ a few months ago), it’s highly likely it is going to be a successful one.

Listen to SYML’s ‘Where’s My Love‘ in the video below. Stunning, isn’t it?


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