Listen to System of a Down’s ‘Lonely Day’ from Beef, S01 E05 end credits

American heavy metal band System of a Down’s ‘Lonely Day‘ was the song playing on the new Netflix drama Beef this week — Beef, Season 1, Episode 5, “Such Inward Secret Creatures” over the end credits.

System of a Down’s ‘Lonely Day‘ was released as the second single from the band’s fifth album Hypnotize, and came out in 2006 on the American and Columbia record labels.

Even though the single was nominated for a Grammy Award, and their Hypnotize album was an enormous success for the American band, charting high up charts in 22 countries, and making it to #1 on the Billboard 200 chart in the U.S., it was the last single System of a Down released for over 15 years.

Instead, the band members declared they were going on a hiatus in early 2006.

A hiatus that lasted four years.

System of a Down then reunited for several performances at European festivals in the summer of 2011, and continued to perform live concerts around the world for several years after but did not release any new music.

Several band members partially blamed lead singer Serj Tankian who had, by that point, decided to prioritize his solo career and who also didn’t agree with the direction System of a Down was taking their music.

The band did finally come to an agreement about new music going forward though, and thus released their first single in 15 years with ‘Protect the Land‘, which came out in late 202o.

Listen to System of a Down’s ‘Lonely Day‘ from the fifth episode of Beef in the ‘Lonely Day‘ music video, and on the band’s Hypnotize album.

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