Listen to Tall Heights ‘Spirit Cold’ from ‘Pure Genius’ — A Very Pretty Song


The Tall Heights track ‘Spirit Gold‘ was featured on the CBS medical drama Pure Genius‘ this week — Season 1, Episode 8, “Around The World In Eight Kidneys“.

It was played during the montage when Rusty is taken back to prison, the kidney donors and recipients meet with the doctors and Walters speaks with James about Zoe’s rejections.

Tall Heights’ ‘Spirit Gold’ is from the duo’s latest album Neptune, released back in August.

As for Tall Heights, they are a folk duo from Boston who got their start busking on the streets for money, and whose music has been compared to Bon Iver.

The duo currently has three albums and two EPs out, and made their late nightTV debut on Conan recently performing ‘Spirit Cold‘ live.

Listen to Tall Heights’ ‘Spirit Cold‘ live below. It is such a pretty song.

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