Listen to Tamio Okuda’s ‘Kill Me Pretty’ from Bullet Train during the story of The White Death

Photo: Sony Pictures

Japanese rock singer songwriter Tamio Okuda’s ‘Kill Me Pretty‘ was that cool Japanese language song playing on Bullet Train this week as the story of The White Death (Michael Shannon) is being told.

Tamio Okuda’s ‘Kill Me Pretty‘ was written by composer and songwriter Dominic Lewis specifically for Bullet Train, and was written with a deliberate 70s rock vibe.

Okuda then knocked the song out of the park, both musically and vocally.

Tamio Okuda, by the way, is one of Japan’s most successful rock musicians.

He began his career in the mid-1980s as a member of the indie band Unicorn.

Okuda went solo in 1994 after the band broke up, and has performed solo ever since, except for performances as a member of supergroup Curling Sitones (カーリングシトーンズKāringu Shitōnzu).

In his almost 40 year career (the singer is currently 57 years old), Okuda has released almost 20 albums, over 25 singles and more than a dozen concert DVDs.

Prolific, eh?

Listen to Tamio Okuda’s ‘Kill Me Pretty‘ on the official Bullet Train soundtrack below, and in the video.

You can also hear a lot more of Okuda’s music via his Spotify account, as well as more songs from Bullet Train on Leo Sigh.



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