Listen to Tata Young’s ‘Love Is The Law’ From ‘Passengers’ — Nice to See This Underrated Thai Singer Featured in a Hollywood Movie

Thai singer Tata Young has always been one of my favorite Thai artists.

Fifteen years ago, when I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, she had just turned 21 and had quite an extensive career going both as a popular actress in Thai films, and as a break-out international pop singer.

Around that time, she was also massively successful in India, and in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with her song ‘Dhoom Dhoom‘.

A few years later, and Tata Young’s career hit a rocky spot, which culminated in not much going on between 2007 and 2011.

She did release two albums during that time, but neither did particularly well.

She also ended up with a somewhat bad reputation in Thailand, a bit of a prudish country when it comes to women’s sexuality, with many Thais.

Not really because of anything she did wrong, but because she was thought of as “too sexy” for a Thai girl when she performed on stage, and her songs, with some very mild sexual content, were deemed to be ‘inappropriate’.

Fine for Britney Spears, apparently, at least according to many Thais I spoke to at the time. Just not for Tata.

In other words, she was thought of by many in Thailand as “not Thai enough”.

Personally, I have always felt sorry for her, as she is stupendously talented, incredibly beautiful, can actually perform a decent dance routine on stage, and would have probably had a massive career if she had launched it in America — the country where Young’s father was born and raised — and a place much more open-minded when it comes to what they will accept from their singers.

Fast forward a few years, though, and I was excited to hear Tata Young’s ‘Love Is The Law‘ featured on the Hollywood movie ‘Passengers‘ at the end of last year.

The movie starred Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

The song itself is from Young’s last album Ready For Love, which was released in 2009. S

adly, it wasn’t included on the movie’s OST album, but it should have been.

Listen to Tata Young’s ‘Love Is The Law‘ in the official video below. Now there is a Thai singer that should be far more successful than she is.


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