Listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound’ feat. The Civil Wars from The Hunger Games film

Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound’ feat. The Civil Wars is gorgeous

With all four Hunger Games films coming to Netflix in many countries next week, I thought it was about time I pointed out a few of the best songs from the iconic films.

Songs like Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound’ feat. The Civil Wars.

That track was played in the first film in the The Hunger Games franchise. It was the second song that was heard during the end credits.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound‘ feat. The Civil Wars appears on the album The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond. An interesting and, to me at least, a somewhat disappointing album

After all, other than ‘Safe & Sound‘ and a couple of other tracks, none of the songs on the album were actually heard in the movie.

Not that that stopped the album from selling a huge number of copies, of course, as The Hunger Games fans love to buy anything remotely affiliated with the movie franchise.

Safe & Sound‘ was also released as the promotional single for the album and, while it did not top the charts in any country, it still managed to sell an enormous number of copies. Including 1,900,000 in the United States, allowing it to be certified double Platinum.

The track also came with a gorgeous music video featuring Taylor Swift walking around barefoot in a forest completely stripped of any leaves or greenery. The alternative country pair The Civil Wars are also seen playing the music for the track while sitting around an evening fire in a cozy cottage.

Listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound’ feat. The Civil Wars from The Hunger Games in the official music video below. It really is a quite simple but utterly gorgeous song.

You can also hear the track, along with the entire The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond album in the Spotify widget below that.

The four The Hunger Games films, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson will hit Netflix on Monday, July 1st.

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