Listen to Terrell Burt’s ‘We Got The Goods’ from All American, Season 4, Episode 1

Photo Bill Inoshita/ The CW

The new season of the popular sports drama All American kicked off last night with a couple of stellar songs on its soundtrack.

One of those songs was Alabama native Terrell Burt’s ‘We Got The Goods‘, which was played on All American, Season 4, Episode 1, “Survival of the Fittest“, as Spencer is talking to his team mate Jabari at the cafe.

Terrell Burt’s ‘We Got The Goods‘ is a catchy hip hop track with a particularly addictive chorus.

The song is Burt’s latest single, and was released earlier this month via Commissary Music.

Burt himself is one of those still quite rare incredibly smart singers.

In that, instead of trying to make it to the top of the charts — which in this day and age is often impossible for new-on-the-music-scene artists — he concentrated on writing songs that could be licensed for TV shows and movies, gaining attention for himself and his songs that way.

By doing that, Burt has created a successful career for himself, with his songs already being played on episodes of The Neighborhood, Fuller House, Grandfathered, Superstore and in a documentary called Not Black Enough.

His music being chose for play on All American last night is just his latest success.

Listen to Terrell Burt’s ‘We Got The Goods‘ as heard on All American down below, and look out for his work on other hit TV shows.

Season 4 of All American is currently airing on The CW. You will find Terrell Burt’s official website here.


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