Listen to The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ from The Crowded Room Ep 5 as Danny as it the bar with his mom

A classic Beatles song was one of the superb tracks on this week’s The Crowded Room episode

With this week’s episode of the psychological thriller The Crowded Room again featuring some stellar songs from the 1960s and 70s, the inclusion of an iconic Beatles song made the episode’s soundtrack even cooler.

That song, of course, was The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be‘, which was played on The Crowded Room, Episode 5, “Savior” as Danny is at the bar with his mom, and goes to play the song on the jukebox.

It continues playing as the bar’s owner is complaining to Danny’s mom about bringing her son to work, and then as he suggests she give Danny a burger and coke to fatten him up.

When was The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be‘ first released?

Let It Be‘ is the title track from the British band’s 12th and final album, which came out in May 1970 on the Apple record label.

The album was significant as it was released around a month after the iconic band had announced they were breaking up after Paul McCartney left the band, so fans knew it was the last new release they would ever get from The Fab Four.

Their ‘Let It Be‘ song was released as an official single from the album, and was said by critics to be one of their best ever songs.

It was also a perfect song for The Beatles break up — things just are what they are, so let it be.

As you might expect, the single went on to hit #1 in 10 countries, although interestingly not in their home country of the United Kingdom where the song made it to #2.

The track was also eventually certified Gold in Denmark, Germany and France, Platinum in the UK and Italy, and 2 x Platinum in the United States.

Listen to The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be‘ as heard on The Crowded Room this week in the video, and on The Beatles’ album of the same name via Spotify.


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