Listen to The Bossmen’s ‘On The Road’ from The Wonder Years, Season 1, Episode 4

One thing I love about so many of today’s hit TV shows is that they are using music on their soundtracks that, in some cases, is quite obscure.

That means I get an introduction to bands I haven’t heard before, or a reminder of songs that have disappeared into the mists of time.

Take The Wonder Years (2021), which just included The Bossmen’s ‘On The Road’ on its latest episode — The Wonder Years, Season 1, Episode 4, “The Workplace” — aka that cool song playing during the dream sequence.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I had never heard The Bossmen’s ‘On The Road‘ before but, hell, what an amazing 1960s-style rock song it is, eh?

So I did some research.

And it turns out The Bossmen were a Michigan-based band founded by Dick Wagner, the legendary guitarist who played with iconic acts like Kiss, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper.

The Bossmen was Wagner’s first band, and became quite well-known in Michigan in the mid-1960s as the few singles they did release got some fairly decent airplay on local radio stations.

On The Road‘ was one of those singles.

Listen to The Bossmen’s ‘On The Road‘ as heard on The Wonder Years last night in the video and the Spotify player, and thank the music supervisors at that show for digging it up for us.

The Wonder Years is loosely based on the 1988 series of the same name and is currently airing on ABC.



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