Listen to The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘You Can Love Me’ from ‘The Royals’ — Beautiful and Hypnotic


The indie rock band The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘You Can Love Me’ was featured on the latest episode of The Royals this week — Season 3, Episode 2, “Passing Through Nature to Eternity“.

It was heard during the last scenes when Eleanor finds Jasper’s letter in the book she showed him, and Liam and Kathryn sleep together. The song is a slow, simple track that is quite hypnotic in its beauty and simplicity.

You Can Love Me‘ is from The Boxer Rebellion’s new album Ocean By Ocean, which was produced by Billy Bush and released back in April.

As for The Boxer Rebellion, they are known as an ‘international indie band’, considering they were formed in London in 2001 with American Nathan Nicholson as lead singer, guitar and keyboards and three Brits, Andrew Smith (lead guitar), Adam Harrison (bass guitar), and Piers Hewitt (drums), making up the band.

Listen to the band’s ‘You Can Love Me‘ in the video below. Lovely, isn’t it?

You can also pick up The Boxer Rebellion’s album Ocean By Ocean, including this track, on most major music sites online.

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