Listen to the catchy Arkells’ song ‘My Heart’s Always Yours’ from ‘Saving Hope’

Listen to the Arkells’ song ‘My Heart’s Always Yours‘ from the TV series ‘Saving Hope‘, it’s catchy and fun

Canadian alternative rock band Arkells’ song ‘My Heart’s Always Yours‘ was featured on this week’s episode of ‘Saving Hope‘ — Season five, Episode 14,  “We Need to Talk About Charlie Harris“.

The track was heard as Charlie is driving down a road and sees a patient stumbling along in the opposite direction. He then sees the man fall to the ground.

Arkells’ ‘My Heart’s Always Yours‘ is one of those songs you have probably heard a lot, but may not know who the band is. I know it often is for me, and particularly as the Hamilton-based rock band has yet to make a big enough splash in the U.S.

My Heart’s Always Yours‘ is from the band’s fourth studio album Morning Report, an album that was released in late 2016 and, honestly, did not do as well as it should have.

Which is surprising as this album is much more radio-friendly pop than their usual  alternative rock, has some great songs with catchy hooks, and most of the tracks are incredibly likable.

But it is an album that has moved them far away from the initial folk rock sound the band was loved for, and has definitely gone the mainstream pop route instead. And my guess is they evolved their sound as they were hoping for a breakthrough outside the Canadian market with Morning Report but…it didn’t really happen. And sadly hard-core fans didn’t buy into it.

Neither did most critics.

Listen to Arkells’ ‘My Heart’s Always Yours’ from ‘Saving Hope’ in their official video below, and see if you are a fan. Me? It is nothing particularly different, but I do like it. It’s catchy and fun.

As for Arkells’, if you like the band’s sound, they do tour extensively and are highly likely to be in your area at some point soon. You can check out their touring schedule on the Arkells website.

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