Listen to The Chemical Brothers’ ‘EML Ritual’, It’s Hypnotic (Video)

The Chemical Brothers Born in the Echoes

The Chemical Brothers first album since 2010 is already on the list of ‘most awaited album of 2015’ by many of us. Now they are releasing more and more tracks from the album. Called Born in the Echoes, it’s climbing fast up that list as it’s looking like it’s going to be pretty stellar.


The latest Chemical Brothers release is ‘EML Ritual‘, a track they recorded in collaboration with British singer songwriter Ali Love. Listen to it below. It’s hypnotic and, of course, fabulously danceable.

Born in the Echoes is due to be released on July 17th, but if you pre-order now you’ll already get the first four tracks on the album ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’, ‘Go’, ‘Under Neon Lights’ and, of course, ‘EML Ritual’.

Michelle Topham