Listen to the Cold War Kids and Bishop Briggs track ‘So Tied Up’ from Suits

The Cold War Kids and Bishop Briggs track ‘So Tied Up‘ was featured on Suits this week

The Cold War Kids song ‘So Tied Up‘ featuring Bishop Briggs was played on the latest episode of the USA TV series Suits this week — Season 7, Episode 2, “The Statue“.

The track was heard when Mike meets with David Gruen for an interview, and as Harvey and Jessica apologize to each other.

So Tied Up‘ is from Cold War Kids’ latest album LA Divine.  It was released on Capitol Records back in April and is the sixth studio album for the band.

It was also an album that was quite successful for the indie rock band, reaching the number 9 spot on Billboard’s Top Alternative Albums chart and number 10 on the Top Rock Albums chart.

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So Tied Up‘ was recorded by Cold War Kids and Bishop Briggs in something of a rush job.

That’s because together they had only two hours to practice the song and get it recorded. But, as lead vocalist Nathan Willett told Consequence of Sound, that didn’t really matter. Not when it came to working with Bishop Briggs.

We were between tours and I hadn’t actually met Bishop in person and the band hadn’t worked out any arrangement. We had like 2 hours. Luckily Bishop was so confident and her voice is perfection; the voice of a woman twice her age, so raw and sophisticated … I sorta laid in the cut and watched her explode.”

Listen to the original release of Cold War Kids/Bishop Briggs song ‘So Tied Up‘ in the Spotify widget below to see just how gorgeous that two-hour recording session turned out.

But also don’t miss the video below that of an alternate acoustic version of the song that features Bishop Briggs’ vocals more prominently, and that also has the addition of a gorgeous violin and cello.

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