Listen to The Cure’s ‘A Few Hours After This…’ From ‘Luther’


Did you watch the Luther Christmas special on Tuesday night (Season 4, Episode 2)? Were you as ecstatic as I was when you heard The Cure‘s ‘A Few Hours After This...’? That obscure B-side hardly anyone knows about. Not unless they were around when it was first released 30 years ago as the B-side of the 12 inch for ‘In Between Days’, or are a massive The Cure fan.

Because, yep, not only did The Cure’s ‘A Few Hours After This…’ play on Luther, it was also re-recorded especially for the show. And that all happened because Neil Cross, creator of Luther, loves the song and so contacted The Cure’s Robert Smith and asked him if they could use it on the show.

Not only did Smith agree, he recorded a new version especially for Luther. A version that sounds so completely different than the original track, it doesn’t even sound like the original song.

Listen to both the original version and the new Luther version below to hear the difference. Cool, eh?

As for The Cure themselves, they are currently in the middle of a massive world tour, with some dates already having been played in the UK, but with many more dates in the United States and Europe coming in 2016. You can check out all their upcoming concerts on The Cure’s website.

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