Listen to The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m in Love’ from This World Can’t Tear Me Down, Ep1 as Zero remembers the park with his friends

The Cure’s ‘Friday, I’m in Love‘ still a banger 3 decades after release

The English rock band The Cure’s ‘Friday, I’m in Love‘ was played on the first episode of the new and very cool animated comedy series This World Can’t Tear Me Down today.

It was heard as Zero remembers the day he and his friends spent in the park — This World Can’t Tear Me Down, Season 1, Episode 1, “Quel che รจ di Cesare“.

The song itself, which is just a brilliant mix of music and cool lyrics, was released back in 1992 as the second single from the band’s ninth album Wish.

Friday, I’m in Love‘ on the charts

Friday, I’m in Love‘, with its upbeat sound and positive feel, went on to become an international hit, charting in 12 countries, with its highest placing at #1 on the Alternative Airplay chart in the United States.

It also hit #18 on America’s most important music chart — the Billboard Hot 100 — as well as climbed high up on charts in Austria, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands to name just a few of the countries where fans apparently loved the track.

In the band’s home country of the United Kingdom, The Cure’s ‘Friday, I’m in Love‘ hit #6 on the UK Singles chart.

The quirky music video for the fun track (watch below) even won the indie band an MTV Video Music Award.

Interestingly too, although the indie band is still around and performing more than 30 years after the track came out, ‘Friday, I’m in Love‘ was their last Top 10 hit.

How the hell did that happen, eh?

Listen to The Cure’s ‘Friday, I’m in Love‘ from This World Can’t Tear Me Down in the song’s music video, and on Spotify.

And yep, as you might expect, it is the band’s most played song on Spotify with over 576 million plays.

Meanwhile, it is a third of a lifetime since that damned cool song came out and it is still a bloody banger.


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