Listen to The Dead Weather’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ from ‘Lucifer’ Season 3, Episode 24

The Dead Weather’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother‘ from ‘Lucifer‘ is rocking!

American alternative rock supergroup The Dead Weather’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother‘ showed up on the new episode of the supernatural drama Lucifer this week.

The hard rocking number was played as Lucifer takes on all of Pierce’s men then, when finished, goes after Pierce as well.

The Dead Weather’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother‘ is from the band’s debut studio album Horehound. Released in 2009 on the Third Man label, Horehound made it to the number six spot on the Billboard 200 Album Charts right after it hit the shelves.

Treat Me Like Your Mother‘ was the second single from the album and, interestingly, was co-written by every member of the band. Instead of what usually happens, with one or two band members writing a song, then the others just adding their opinions before the final production.

The ‘entire band’, of course, is The Kills’Alison MosshartJack WhiteDean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age, and Jack Lawrence from The Raconteurs. Yep, that’s a supergroup in every sense of the word.

The band has released two more studio albums since Horehound, with their latest album Dodge and Burn releasing back in 2015. Since then, they have been talking about another album and a new tour. The problem is finding a time period when all members of The Dead Weather are not involved in projects with their other bands.

Until that happens, listen to The Dead Weather’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother‘ from Lucifer in the band’s official music video above.

And, if you love the music from Lucifer, you will find a LOT more of it here….

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