Listen to The Diplomats of Solid Sound’s ‘Trouble Me’ from Grace and Frankie, Season 7, Ep. 5

Independent Americana band The Diplomats of Solid Sound’s ‘Trouble Me‘ was played on the soundtrack of the new, and final, episode of the Netflix series Grace and Frankie this week — Grace and Frankie, Season 7, Episode 5, “The Raccoon“.

The song was heard at the end of the episode right after Grace (Jane Fonda) and Nick (Peter Gallagher) argue and Nick storms out, then comes right back after the alarm starts to go off.

The catchy soul track continues playing over the end credits, and was pretty appropriate for that ending scene, eh?

Because, yep, that relationship is more than a bit ‘troubled’.

The Diplomats of Solid Sound’s ‘Trouble Me‘ is from the band’s album S/t, which was digitally released in 2008 and physically released a year later.

It is also one of a slew of songs the band has had featured on hit TV shows over the last decade.

As for their album S/t, it is the fourth studio album the Iowa City band released, and was the first album that featured The Diplomettes.

Listen to The Diplomats of Solid Sound’s ‘Trouble Me‘ from Grace and Frankie in the video, and on the band’s S/t album.

You can learn more about The Diplomats of Solid Sound on the band’s official website¬†and, of course, watch the final season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.


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