Listen to The English Beat’s ‘March of the Swivelheads’ from The Good Doctor, Season 6, Ep. 14 – Danny’s run through the hospital

English new wave, post-punk ska band The English Beat’s ‘March of the Swivelheads‘ was one of a couple of tracks played on this week’s episode of The Good Doctor on Monday night — The Good Doctor, Season 6, Episode 14, “Hard Heart“.

The instrumental track was played as Danny runs through the hospital knowing he is late for his meeting with Shaun. Yet again.

The English Beat’s ‘March of the Swivelheads‘ was first released in late 1982 by the indie ska band as the B-side to their single ‘Jeanette‘.

It is an instrumental version of the band’s single ‘”Rotating Head’.

The track earned a richer and more popular life when it was featured on the soundtrack of the famous movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as the piece of music playing as Ferris (Matthew Broderick) is running through people’s yards and houses in an attempt to beat his sister’s car back home.

So yeah, someone over at The Good Doctor is a fan of that cool movie, and thought it would be a nod to the film to use the same music for their own mad dash scene.

Good for them, eh?

The English Beat’s ‘March of the Swivelheads‘ was re-released in 2012 as one of four bonus tracks that appeared on the reissue of their 1982 album Special Beat Service.

The band itself, still known today as just The Beat in the UK, was founded in 1978.

A couple of break ups starting in 1983 saw them apart for much of the next 20-plus years but, after reuniting in 2006, they have been together ever since.

Listen to The English Beat’s ‘March of the Swivelheads‘ as heard on this week’s The Good Doctor in the video.

It is a fun track, and millions of Ferris Bueller fans must be thrilled to see it used this way again.

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Steve Reynolds