Listen to the Freya Ridings song ‘Maps’ from The Resident, Season 2, Episode 13, ‘Virtually Impossible’

screenshot from Freya Ridings song 'Maps' as featured on The Resident

The music video for Freya Ridings’ ‘Maps‘ has gorgeous imagery

British singer songwriter Freya Ridings is apparently a favorite of the music supervisor of the medical drama The Resident. She must be as this week’s episode of the popular Fox TV show featured another of her songs.

Back in November, it was Ridings’ ‘Ultraviolet‘ that made it onto the show.

This time it was the Freya Ridings song ‘Maps‘ that showed up on The Resident — Season 2, Episode 13, “Virtually Impossible“.

The track was played during an incredibly emotional scene as the doctors are testing Eloise’s newly transplanted lungs, and it continues as AJ rushes to help with Florence’s surgery.

‘Maps‘ is a stunning acoustic cover of the original Yeah Yeah rock ballad, and is a non-album single.

The track was originally released back in 2017 on Good Soldier Records, but was then given a gorgeous music video in late 2018. A video that has some of the most beautiful imagery I saw in a music video all of last year.

Watch and listen to the video for Freya Ridings song ‘Maps‘ below. You can also listen to the track in the Spotify widget below that.

And, of course, keep up to date on Freya Ridings herself on her website.

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