Listen to The Gentrys ‘I Just Got the News’ from Lucky Hank, S01 E04 as Paul is talking about the list to Hank

Even the main character off in dream land is superbly musically illustrated on Lucky Hank

1960s and early 70s American rock band The Gentrys ‘I Just Got the News‘ was played on the new episode of the AMC comedy drama Lucky Hank this week — Lucky Hank, Season 1, Episode 4, “The Goose Boxer“.

A show that has featured stellar songs on its soundtrack since its first episode.

The song was played as Paul is in Hank’s office talking to him about the list of employees to be laid off and Hank’s attention begins to waiver.

I Just Got the News‘ kicks in as Hank is staring off in the distance and tuning out while Paul continues talking, but now sounding like he is underwater.

The track itself was released in 1970 on the American band’s third album, the self-titled The Gentrys, although it was not one of the two singles the band managed to get on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It was also the last full-length album the band ever put out before the band broke up in the early 70s.

There is a band called The Gentrys still in existence today but it has no connection to the original band that was founded back in 1963.

Listen to The Gentrys’ ‘I Just Got the News‘ as heard on Lucky Hank on the Spotify widget, and in the video.

You can also hear more songs from the series, and learn about the song and the artist who released it, on Leo Sigh.

You can watch the first season of Lucky Hank on AMC.


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