Listen to ‘The Gift of the Rose’ by Isabella Summers, Elise McQueen from Devil in Ohio, Season 1, Ep. 8

I just discovered ‘The Gift of the Rose‘ by Isabella Summers and Elise McQueen while watching the Netflix series Devil in Ohio last night and, while the music is a bit overly loud as I would have loved to hear those gorgeous voices even more clearly, the track is still a banger.

The Gift of the Rose‘ by Isabella Summers and Elise McQueen was played on Devil in Ohio, Season 1, Episode 8, “The Dawning” as Suzanne follows Mae to the Amontown compound where the cult is preparing to carry out a deadly ritual.

The song was composed and written by Isabella Summers specifically for the Devil in Ohio soundtrack.

A soundtrack that also features music from Bishop Briggs, Fay Wolf, Will Bates and Maiah Manser.

Isabella Summers, by the way, is not only a composer and a musician, she is also one of the founding members of the massively successful British indie rock band Florence and the Machine, as well as the band’s keyboardist.

As a composer, Summers has also written the scores for series like Physical, Call Jane, Paradise City, Little Fires Everywhere, The Offer, and Assassination Nation among many others.

Summers’ collaborator on ‘The Gift of the Rose‘, Elise McQueen, is a singer songwriter from West London whose vibe is more into bedroom pop.

Her collab with Summers for Devil in Ohio is her first foray into the world of TV series soundtracks.

Listen to ‘The Gift of the Rose‘ by Isabella Summers and Elise McQueen as played on Devil in Ohio in the video and on the Spotify player below.

Devil in Ohio is currently streaming on Netflix.


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