Listen to the Grimes song ‘California’ from ‘Supergirl’ — a cool hate song against Pitchfork

Listen to the Grimes song ‘California‘ from ‘Supergirl

The Canadian singer and music producer Grimes‘ song ‘California‘ was featured on the newest episode of Supergirl this week — Season 3, Episode 2, “Triggers“.

It was played during a montage as Maggie, Alex, Kara, Ruby and Samantha are getting ready, and while the girls rush off in different directions to start their day.

California‘ is from Grimes’ fourth studio album Art Angels, which was released in 2015.

The album hit the number 1 spot on the Billboard Alternative Albums chart and was  ultimately the most successful of all of Grimes’ albums so far. It also had critics universally proclaiming it a superb album, and some saying it was one of the best released in 2015.

The song itself was written by Grimes as a reaction to the truly crappy coverage she always seems to get from Pitchfork (and I’m with her, I hate that site and their terribly written, horribly researched ‘articles’).

Grimes told Sirius XM:

It’s actually a hate track for Pitchfork…for the music industry. For the indie blogs. I’m just very tired of the “Grimes is so sad! Grimes is protesting and ranting and having a terrible time! She is so insecure!” narrative.

It’s actually really destructive like to make it seem like I’m like “Everything is out of my control!” To say that I scrapped an entire album, without fact-checking, saying that “Go” was my first single. I didn’t produce that song.

I would never put out an album that I didn’t produce. Like to take that away from me and still…I can’t get away from it. The press wrote about it. No one fact-checked it, no one will amend. Like you just fucked my narrative. You just fucked years of work that I’ve done. 

Like I’m trying to go out there, and especially to the white male Pitchfork audience, to be like “Women can produce”, and you just took that away. And you’re too immature to take it down”. You’re not a force for good. You’re a force for really really bad”.

The music video for ‘California‘ is a series of clips of Grimes wearing ever more elaborate and crazy and cool costumes as she dances around singing the song. Watch it below.

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