Listen to The Irrepressibles’ ‘In This Shirt’ from Snowpiercer, Season 2, Episode 4, “A Single Trade’

British alternative rock, progressive pop music project The Irrepressibles’ ‘In This Shirt‘ was one of the tracks played on the sci-fi series Snowpiercer this week — Snowpiercer, Season 2, Episode 4, “A Single Trade” (aired February 15, 2021).

The song was heard during Audrey’s flashback and her strange reunion with Wilford.

The Irrepressibles’ ‘In This Shirt‘ is from the group’s 2009 EP From the Circus to the Sea.

It was the third EP the group released, and one of almost 20 releases (albums, EPs and singles) overall.

The EP was originally created as the soundtrack to Shelly Love’s short film The Forgotten Circus.

The Irrepressibles currently comprises Berlin-based British musician Jamie Irrepressible (aka Jamie McDermott) heading the group, with a changing group of musicians backing him up depending on the project he is currently working on.

The group’s music has also begun to receive more and more attention from TV show and movie music supervisors, with their work being licensed for shows like Skam France, Skam Belgium, So You Think You Can Dance and the movie A Long Way Down, the BBC film The Beast and the Spanish film Tengo ganas de ti.

Listen to The Irrepressibles’ In This Shirt’ as heard on last night’s episode of Snowpiercer in the video, and on the group’s EP From the Circus to the Sea.

The somber but utterly gorgeous orchestral-infused song, with those heart-grabbing strings, has earned almost 18 million views on YouTube so far.


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