Listen to The Jam’s ‘In the City’ from Billions S7 Ep 10 intro as Mike compliments Bobby on his house

As the Showtime drama Billions heads closer to its series finale, the latest episode that dropped today certainly did not disappoint.

Not in plot and performances, or with the music used on the episode’s soundtrack — Billions, Season 7, Episode 10, “Enemies List“.

Songs like The Jam’s ‘In the City‘, which was that rock track playing at the beginning of the episode as we see a drone pan over the City of London.

The track stops playing as Mike has arrived at Bobby’s new house in England, and is complimenting him on its grandeur.

When did The Jam’s ‘In the City’ first come out?

The Jam’s song ‘In the City‘ is the title track from the British band’s debut studio album of the same name, as well as their debut single.

The album was released in May, 1977, two months after it was recorded, via the Polydor record label.

The ‘In the City‘ track was a surprise hit for the indie British rock band, as it hit #40 on the UK Singles chart.

It was their first song to ever do so, of course, but not their last, as every single they released after that up to and including ‘Beat Surrender‘ in 1982 skyrocketed to the Top 40, with several songs hitting #1.

The Jam’s single releases performed so well commercially, they were soon one of the most successful rock bands in the UK.

The album of the same name was also a success for the relatively new band, arriving at #20 on the UK Albums chart and being well-received by most music critics in the UK.

Is The Jam still together?

The Jam as a band was around for a decade — from 1972 to 1982 — as the band was formed five years before its debut album when the members were still high school students.

They broke up in December, 1982 with the five members going years without speaking to a couple of members. Most noticeably to band lead singer Paul Weller, who was largely responsible for the split.

Listen to The Jam’s ‘In the City‘ from the intro to this week’s Billions via the band’s debut album on Spotify, and in the video of the band performing the track live.

The series finale of Billions will air on October 29th, 2023.

You can watch every episode of the entire series, including its latest season, via Showtime.

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