Listen to The Kinks’ ‘Father Christmas’ from Merry Little Batman opening credits – cool social commentary on the holidays

The new animated superhero film Merry Little Batman hit Amazon Prime Video yesterday, and if you are looking for a fun, wholesome and very funny film to entertain the kids, and the rest of the family, this one is surprisingly good.


Along with the toilet humor (the film is directed at kids not adults), and the cute animation style, Merry Little Batman also features a couple of cool songs on its soundtrack that will put you in the Christmas mood.

The first one — The Kinks’ ‘Father Christmas‘ — kicks in during the first few seconds of the film as we see an animated bat flying over an icy wonderland, and it plays through the entire opening credits.

When was The Kinks’ ‘Father Christmas‘ released?

The irreverent Christmas song was released by the English rock band in late 1977, and is more of a punk rock style track than what the band usually released.

Despite its upbeat sound, ‘Father Christmas‘ is actually a song that is a social commentary on the tradition of Christmas being nothing more than rich kids getting toys, while poor kids worry that their parents don’t have jobs and are struggling to put food on the table.

That is why they tell Father Christmas, don’t give us “silly toys”, save those for the rich boys. Instead, give our parents money and jobs, and our lives will be better for it.

Listen to The Kinks’ ‘Father Christmas‘ as heard over the Merry Little Batman opening credits in the song’s music video, which features the band performing the song while dressed in Santa Claus outfits, and via Spotify.

You can watch the entire animated film, and it is probably one of the best superhero movies of 2023, on Amazon Prime. The trailer below will give you a good idea how cute this one turned out to be.