Listen to The Lighthouse and The Whaler’s ‘We Are Infinite’ from Grey’s Anatomy

Listen to The Lighthouse and The Whaler’s ‘We Are Infinite

The Lighthouse and The Whaler is a brilliant name for a rock band. A Cleveland, Ohio-based indie rock band you may not have heard of. If you like a bit of folk with your rock, though, you should familiarize yourself with them, and fast, as they are superb.

The Lighthouse and The Whaler name comes from the classic Herman Melville novel Moby Dick.

The band’s folk-tinged rock comes from starting out as a folk trio and then morphing into their now-rock band quartet. A morphing that has produced some lovely tracks like The Lighthouse and The Whaler’s ‘We Are Infinite‘ a song that was featured on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy this week — Season 14, Episode 9, “1-800-799-7233“.

The track was heard when Jackson asks Maggie out on a date, but she lists all the reasons why it is probably not a good idea. Then her Tindr date arrives.

We Are Infinite‘ comes from the indie band’s third studio album Mont Royal, which was released on the indie label Roll Call Records.

Released in 2015, the album was recorded in Montreal, and produced by Marcus Paquin who has previously worked with another critically-acclaimed Ohio band The National. That is partially why, at first listen, you can definitely hear a The National influence on the song that is hard to ignore.

That and, my guess, that both bands come from similar solid Ohio roots. Roots that suffuse their music with that solid down-to-earth Ohio vibe. (Yes, I lived in Ohio for years, and I can certainly feel that vibe in the music they produce).

If you enjoyed The Lighthouse and The Whaler’s ‘We Are Infinite‘ on Grey’s Anatomy, you should listen to this live version of the track the band performed at Brooklyn Bowl back in late 2015.

Lead vocalist Michael LoPresti calls it “a slow burn”, and he is definitely right there. A slow burn that quickly gets under your skin so that, by the time The Lighthouse and The Whaler hit the chorus, it has hit your soul.

Watch that gorgeous performance in the Paste magazine video below.

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